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Team Building

BesTeams Team Building and Leadership Development has reached more than 350 participants and 12 organisations in the Cayman Islands. The programme builds stronger relationships through fun, insightful, experiential activities. Conflict resolution, a critical indicator of organizational success, is developed through learning strategies for disarmament, and embracing differences.

Team Development Programme

YMCAFiledofDream-291The YMCA provides a completely customized programme that helps develop the skills you have and those necessary to become a more successful team.  From Fortune 500 companies to youth groups, our experienced staff has the tools to increase initiative in your group, reduce stress in your environment and create stronger bonds.  “BesTeams” incorporates group activities, workshops and discussions into a programme designed to diversify the learning experience. Groups of all sizes and ages will have opportunities to assess a situation, identify problems and work towards solutions in a fun and effective way.

What will you gain from “BesTeams”?

By taking part in “BesTeams” your group or company gains the advantage of a completely customisable action plan.  This YMCA programme not only solves a wide variety of issues, but it caters to a multitude of different people. From major companies to youth groups, from sports
teams to international banks — any and everyone will benefit. You can be sure that we’ll develop the right programme to meet your specific needs. Not only is “BesTeams” completely personalized to accommodate the size and nature of your group, but it can also be brought right
to you! That is, the YMCA of the Cayman Islands has made this programme accessible to you, anywhere you’d like.

IMG_2618The greatest aspect of this experience is what you gain at the end of it all. Your group will leave the session feeling like a stronger team as issues such as conflict resolution, problem-solving and motivation are discussed and addressed. After using effective tools that identify individual differences and group dynamics, causes of stress and effective communication, you will gain a greater sense of identity and
goal clarification leading to increased initiative, productivity and success for the entire group. Why not boost morale and increase relationships and performance with such a personalized and effective programme? With your participation, the YMCA of the Cayman Islands will continue building and empowering successful teams!

Sessions include progressively challenging activities such as:

  • Icebreakers
  • Problem Solving Games and Initiatives
  • Communication Type Analysis (DISC)
  • Low & High Ropes Course

Impacting Results

Improved Communications… resulting from an increased awareness of how individuals send and receive information, the importance of “clarity” in communicating and how to recognise a variety of communication styles.

Booster Morale and Camaraderie… resulting from a fun, exciting and insightful shared experience that represents managements’  commitment to a fulfilling and rewarding work environment.

Increased Initiative… is likely to occur once team members better understand their roles in the organisation and take ownership of how each role is critical to the overall success of the team.



“The time we spent on team building at the YMCA was a great benefit to our overall cohesiveness, commitment and communication as a working family. In fact, we get so much out of it that we are repeat customers! Greg and his team are excellent facilitators; we always leave feeling strengthened and reinvigorated for the year ahead.”

Nancy Barnard
           Deputy Chief Officer – Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing

“I’ve used the Y for teambuilding training in helping teams grow closer and stronger and breaking down barriers at work. I’ve also used the Y for young males from Youth at Church in order to help build their confidence, and learn real life lessons through the team building activities. Overall a great experience and I would recommend it to any group.”

Phil Jackson
Cayman National Bank – Senior Vice President – Human Resources


 To learn more about how your team can benefit from this programme, email info@ymcacayman.ky





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