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Sara MacKay

Sara MacKay

Sara MacKay is a self-described “soccer mom” since retiring from a career as a travel agent in the United States and the Cayman Islands. Sara grew up in an ice hockey family (girls didn’t play back then) in Buffalo, New York. She became an avid skydiver in college in Ohio and in her single years in Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida.

Sara moved to Cayman in 1983 and married Scotsman Peter MacKay, which brought Rugby action to the forefront. Her son, Andrew, was keen on all sports. Cayman Little League was as much a unifying social force as a sports program for the Island, so Sara got involved.

When swimming became Andrew’s focus, again she played an integral part in fostering the sport’s growth, enjoying the competition at every level right up to the Olympics.

Although Sara did not grow up with a YMCA connection, she believes in recreational sports for everyone all the time! She feels a YMCA in Cayman could bring people together recreationally, spiritually and promote physical and mental health. She would also love to see Cayman make more use of its beautiful, accessible water.

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