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Serg Sandy

Serg Sandy

Serginho (alias Serg or Hercules) joined the YMCA of the Cayman Islands as a volunteer in February 2016, and later became a full-time employee in September, 2016. His educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Biblical Theology from Manhattan Christian College in Kansas, and a Master’s in Sport Administration from Western Kentucky University.

As a YMCA Programme Coordinator, his role entails organizing the high school curriculum and providing the day to day operational support for the Extended After School Programme.

Originating from an area of Trinidad’s capital called Belmont, Serg was exposed to significant amounts of crime and poverty and its resulting impacts on the youth. Fortunate to discover his passion of football at an early age, his successes with Trinidad’s national team afforded him a sports scholarship to study, and later work coaching University Soccer in the USA. Based on his experiences, he is a firm believer that every child deserves a chance, and has a strong appreciation for the programs the YMCA offers in helping children to discover and develop their talents.

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