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YMCA Welcomes CEO to Cayman

YMCA Welcomes CEO to Cayman

YMCA Welcomes CEO to Cayman!

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman (13th November 2013) The YMCA of the Cayman Islands is very excited to welcome their first CEO to the Cayman Islands. Gregory Smith arrived in Cayman on 31st October and immediately assumed his role to lead the YMCA forward with plans to utilise the Y’s programmes to the betterment and strengthening of the Cayman community.

Smith joins the Cayman YMCA most recently from the St. Petersburg, Florida YMCA with a wealth of diverse community and business knowledge. After serving in the US Army on tours in Europe and the Middle East, Smith’s new position as CEO follows a successful 18-year YMCA career serving youth and families in Florida and Texas.

This however is not Smith’s first time at a newly established YMCA. In 2008, Smith orchestrated the opening and successful promotion of a Parkland, Florida YMCA that garnered nearly 500 members in just the first 6 months. He expressed humility and gratitude when accepting the position in Cayman, saying, “I have been granted one of the rarest experiences a Y professional can have, to establish a new Y, and in such an amazing community of people. I will work diligently to understand and serve the specific needs in Cayman and fully embrace this opportunity to impact our generations to come”.

Smith is not the only one excited about his new role as CEO. YMCA Chairman Pastor Randy Von Kanel stated “Greg’s active role in developing past programmes and maintaining previously established YMCA organisations is what makes him so perfect for our needs in Cayman. The enthusiasm and obvious drive he has exhibited in his career to date makes him an outstanding choice to help shape the Y programmes in Cayman.”

Smith joins the Cayman YMCA as it is just rounding out its freshman year and rapidly gaining support from the community. His past successes enliven the idea of expansion and development of Cayman’s own YMCA. Smith stated “Each YMCA is unique to the community it serves and a great Y is only the result of good people getting involved. Volunteerism is at the core of the Y and has been since its’ inception in 1844”.

Since the YMCA Cayman held its launch event a year ago, a community survey has been conducted to determine the programmes needed within the Cayman community and gauge what people’s expectations were of the YMCA. With the CEO in place, efforts will commence to further educate the public on all the Y stands for and the range of alternatives that can be employed to strengthen our community. The Y has a rich history developing youth and teen leadership programmes as well as offering a variety of camps, sports, swimming, educational and wellness options for all ages to include families and seniors.

YMCA organisations all over the world provide an environment where men, women and children can foster their faith and work towards strengthening their community. The goal of the YMCA is to promote Christian principles for every individual, regardless of age, race, religion or financial ability to build a healthy spirit, mind and body.

With Smith in place as the new CEO and a community needs survey conducted, the YMCA’s initial planning stages are officially complete. The Board of Directors looks forward to continuing full speed ahead towards establishing a strong and positive presence for the benefit of everyone in Cayman.
For more information about the YMCA in Cayman, visit www.ymcacayman.ky or call 928.5987. You can also email Mr. Smith at. gsmith@ymcacayman.ky.

About the YMCA:

The YMCA Cayman Islands is a non-profit organisation that focuses on strengthening the community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. The mission of the YMCA of the Cayman Islands is to help people reach their God-Given potential by putting Christian principles into practice through programs that build Spirit, Mind, and Body.

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